PremiumAssistSM Services for Medicare Advantage Plans and Dual SNPs

premium-assistHuman Arc offers dual eligibility outreach, enrollment and re-determination services for Medicare Advantage Plans, as well as re-determination services for dual Special Needs Plans.

Dual Eligibility Outreach and Retention Services

Many of your Medicare Advantage health plan members may be missing out on Medicare Savings Programs that help pay Medicare Part B monthly premiums. Connecting eligible members to these programs means more money for them and a bigger impact to your bottom line.

With PremiumAssist Dual Eligibility Outreach and Retention Services, our experts identify members potentially eligible for these Medicare Savings Programs, screen them for eligibility, and guide them through the application process. We’ll even manage re-enrollment year after year.

You benefit from:

  • Higher Capitation.

    You’ll increase plan income with higher capitation to the health plan for these members, now considered dual-eligible.

  • Maximum Rewards.

    Clients commonly experience initial eligibility conversions up to an additional 5% of active members, with more than 94% of members initially assisted re-enrolled after the first year.

  • Ongoing Revenue Opportunity with Minimum Expenses.

    Our solution requires zero investment in personnel or equipment.

  • Increased Member Income and Expanded Member Loyalty.

    Enrolled members receive more each month in their Social Security checks. Because you’ve helped connect them to this benefit, they will know you are looking out for their best interests.

  • Member CompleteSM.

    A benefit that provides your members information about access to government and community assistance programs for which they may qualify, including the Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS or “Extra Help”) to help cover prescription expenses.

The Human Arc Edge

  • Fast, Effective Member Outreach.

    Over the years, Human Arc has built a strong relationship with CMS. Our customized communication templates meet all CMS requirements and enable us to quickly obtain approval and execute.

  • Practical Solutions.

    Our approach ensures outreach does not interfere with your day-to-day operations, pull on your staff’s time, or take away from other important Medicare Advantage plan initiatives.

  • Member Sensitivity.

    Our services are characterized by deep experience working with older populations and others with special needs. Our specialists put an emphasis on dignity and personal privacy to maximize response rates and ensure continued cooperation when it’s time to reapply.

  • Guaranteed Follow-through.

    We monitor the CMS Monthly Membership Reports following enrollment to verify successfully enrolled members are brought into the Medicare Part B premium assistance benefit.


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