PremiumAssistSM Re-determination for Dual Special Needs Plans

Member retention is more important than ever—not only does it ensure uninterrupted benefits for your members but also annuity capitation for you. PremiumAssist’s Special Needs Plan (SNPs) Services help dual SNPs tackle this challenge by providing you with:

  • Optimized Member Management.

    Through dual re-determination and proactive re-enrollment of existing members, we help you prevent member “fall-off”—and avoid the subsequent high costs to you to replace members.

  • Annuity Income Support.

    Proactively alerting members of renewal deadlines and providing them assistance from the beginning of the re-enrollment process through approval ensures continued benefits for members and annuity income for you.

  • Assured CMS Compliance.

    We provide you with detailed pre-enrollment and post-enrollment Medicaid status verification, helping ensure you achieve CMS compliance.

The Human Arc Edge

  • Comprehensive, Proactive Approach.

    We provide you with a comprehensive monthly report so you know your members’ dual status is current and accurate. Plus, we notify you when dual status is not possible so you can initiate proper disenrollment procedures.

  • Time Saving and Efficient.

    Our team archives required documentation so that re-enrollment involves less effort for members.

  • Complete Contingency Support.

    We equip you with the best evidence to maintain membership during the Medicaid re-enrollment period in rare instances when members do lose dual status.

  • Member Sensitivity.

    Perform respectful, compassionate re-determination screening. Our services are characterized by deep experience working with older populations and others with special needs. Our specialists put an emphasis on dignity and personal privacy to maximize response rates and ensure continued cooperation when it’s time to reapply.


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