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U.S. hospitals’ uncompensated care costs have increased by 6% annually in recent years, reaching $39.3 billion in 2010, according to the American Hospital Association. Projections suggest these costs could reach $44 billion in 2013—of which charity care costs will comprise about $20 billion. No surprise that a growing percentage of accounts are being referred to internal charity care—and becoming increasingly burdensome for hospitals to manage.

Human Arc offers two solutions to help hospitals address this growing challenge.

  • Outsource.

    Charity Care Advantage utilizes Human Arc’s specialists to screen your potential charity care accounts for eligibility based on your program’s guidelines.

  • In-source.

    If you’d prefer to keep charity care screening in house, Human Arc’s IQualify technology helps you optimize your processes for optimal results. Learn more.


How it Works

You can be assured every account is uniformly screened, all applications are fully supported correct documentation, and all documentation is securely backed up.

  • You provide us with your charity care account data files.
  • Our flexible technology allows us to interface quickly and efficiently with your in-house data systems, minimizing the need for custom file development.
  • Professional, highly trained Human Arc specialists process your accounts, collect required documentation, and properly classify accounts for accurate charity care posting. Our specialists also archive documentation for secure and compliant backup.
  • We provide you with a comprehensive report of accounts referred and processed through your charity program to help you document community benefit in compliance with existing policy and provide full reporting for certification and recordkeeping.



  • Higher Staff Efficiencies.

    With administrative reductions leaving providers increasingly short of staffed, many hospitals find it increasingly burdensome to manage charity care applications and community benefit reporting. With Charity Care Advantage, your staff is considerably freer to focus on revenue generating accounts.

  • Complete Compliance.

    Our service complies in every respect with all guidelines for community benefit and other hospital reporting.

  • Better Management Knowledge.

    Our reporting provides full supports to your certification and record-keeping accuracy efforts.

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